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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Only Crocheted Twisty Scarf

So before Christmas I decided to re-learn how to crochet. Back in my college days (some 40 years ago) I was quite the productive afghan maker. Through the years I got away from it but I figured it is like riding a bike and assumed it would come back to me.  I always like to give my daughter and daughter-in-laws something little that I have made for them.So I bought a small introductory to crochet booklet and found a pattern at this site http://goodtimesithinkso.blogspot.com/2009/08/sunroom-spiral-scarf-crochet.html for a twisty scarf. Off I went to Michael's and bought enough yarn to make 3 of these scarves.  Well here is the first one I made for my dear daughter-in-law.

So here's the deal on my experience of re-learning to crochet.  Yes the process came right back to me and I could crochet for hours. However, my fingers actually ached from all the crocheting. So after this one was finished I promptly took the rest of the yarn back to Michael's and I now know why I no longer crochet!
This left me with the problem that I still needed to make something for my daughter and other daughter-in-law the week before Christmas. I decided to use some of my fabric and make these cute zippered change purses.I used a pattern from Atkinson Design called Cash and Carry. They turned out great and my fingers did not ache when I was done.


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