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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kimono for 18" Doll

I am planning on teaching a class on making doll clothes for the 18 inch dolls, like Our Generation and American Girl. I have not made doll clothes since I made Barbie clothes for my daughter over 20 years ago. I was not sure I really wanted to do this but thought I would give it a try. First I needed a model, so off to Target I went and bought an Our Generation Doll. I actually had fun picking her out and then became excited about the clothes. Here she is in her store bought duds. I love her glasses too.

Well I found a free pattern for a Japanese kimono but I was pretty sure it had major mistakes in it after 2 hours of trying to get it to actually be a piece of clothing that would fit her.  So I drafted my own and this is the result. I did put her hair in an updo and removed her glasses for the occasion.
I hope to draft a dress pattern for her tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Side View
Front View


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