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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

Here are my latest creations; gifts for a baby shower.

I embroidered these designs on onesies for the fall holidays- baby due in July so I figured the 3-6 months size would be good for the fall.  I got the designs from  Planet Applique; all their designs stitch out so well.  I personally like the Halloween one best!

I made this bunting from the Simplicity pattern #2165.  This is the first time I made this bunting but it will now be a staple for a baby gift.  The instructions were easy to follow and it came out perfect the first time and is truly just too adorable.  If you used a solid fabric for the outside you could personalize with some embroidery also.  It only takes 7/8 of a yard each for the inside and outside fabrics.  I used flannel for both since it will be used for the summer and fall.  If you were making for a winter baby you could use fleece or minky for it.
I also made this personalized blanket for the new baby and pacifier bib and baby wipes case.

The blanket is made of fleece with the top embroidered portion made of flannel with another applique that I think I had downloaded from SewForum but I cannot find the exact source.  The back is made of the same flannel that I used for the top of the front and also for the inside of the bunting.  I found the pattern for the bib that has a tab to hold a pacifier on the Internet as a freebie; it was made by Nicole Scott but I do not have the link any longer. The embroidered lion on the bib is fromSewforum by Robin. I actually made the bib and case from receiving blankets that were on the baby gift registry.The case for the baby wipes was a free pattern from simplicity.com Baby Wipes Case.  I hate making binding but it did not turn out too badly, although I need a no fail way to sew binding on.


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