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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Egg Wars - 2012

And the winner is:

Our Easter tradition is the Breaking of the Eggs. My husband and daughter dutifully color our hard boiled eggs each year the day before Easter.  When the children were small, the egg wars took place right after the Easter Baskets hunt but now that the children are adults the Wars have expanded and found their place before dinner after all guests have arrived.

Each guest picks their egg; color and overall physique play a part in the selection.  The goal is to be the last Egg standing without a crack. Single elimination bouts take place.  Holding your egg, usually with individual technique, you get one hit at your contender. The Egg without a crack moves on.

We had 14 contenders this year.  Spouses sparred off first; the second round had just one woman, but she was clearly eliminated in the first bout in the second round.  Special handling techniques were used in the last bouts but a Winner prevailed!  The swirly baby blue egg, in the pearly swirl pattern, came out of the last bout without a crack and found its way to the egg pedestal where it reigned over the Easter day proceedings!

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