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Monday, October 7, 2013

Quilt Shops in Bar Harbor

Well for all my sewing friends, yes, I did find some quilt shops in Maine. There are 3, one on the way into Bar Harbor on Rte. 3, one at the Village Green in Bar Harbor and one in Southwest Harbor.  I did manage to find fabric to buy at all three shops but the one I liked best was Sewing by the Sea in Trenton on rte. 3, just 5 miles before you enter Bar Harbor.Sewing by the Sea is a pretty large store that has alot of quilting cottons, patterns, and project ideas. It is also a Pfaff Dealer and had many machines displayed. The owner was very friendly and related to me that in the upstairs she had a long arm that she rented time on; a nice way to quilt your project without incurring the cost of buying one.

Fabricate is a Quilting and Scrapbooking store right in the Village Green of Bar Harbor.  It carries very high quality cottons, scrapbooking supplies and artist supplies.  It is quite neat and appears upscale. There was a nice selection of brand name fabrics and I bought some fat quarters here.

The third shop was in Southwest Harbor. Quilt 'N' Fabric was a smaller shop that had quilting cottons and yarns.  This shop had many novelty and Maine themed fabrics but not all of a higher quality. The staff was very nice and there were samples displayed.

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