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Sewing and cooking are two of my favorite things. In the past, I often found myself searching for pictures and details of projects I have done, without success. So I decided to start documenting my creations. Then my son suggested I add my recipes to the blog so that they are documented also.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Embroidered Kitchen Towels

I wanted to do some small projects the other night so I made a few kitchen towels.  I try to keep some blanks available for fast gifts or for when I just feel like embroidering.  So I keep several white kitchen towels on hand - I like these white ones from Walmart - 70% poly 30% cotton - they wash up so nice.  I made these for 2 daughter-in-laws and a friend. I found the design on embroideryDK.com and wanted to use it on something; so I changed the colors to match their kitchens. The design is one of 10 variations under the category of Food and Drinks, so you could use several and make a set.  If you use this design on these towels be sure to use a wash-away topping because the cup will have small streaks of white show through if you do not.

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