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Sunday, April 8, 2018

San Antonio Escape

Just back from a trip to San Antonio, a mother/daughter escape to explore a city neither of us has been to. We explored and explored, and walked and walked, plus biked, Ubered and took a cruise on the river in a cute bright colored tour boat that looked like a sardine can to me!

The San Antonio Riverwalk is so beautifully laid out and landscaped. We truly walked 9 miles one day and 7 another plus threw in 3 miles on bikes. Apparently there is no open container law in Texas so you can walk and drink your liquor as you go. Couple this with the fact that every restaurant has the best nachos and salsa, there is no way we could lose weight even though we got plenty of exercise.

Highlights of our trip included the Food, the Alamo, the Missions, the Riverwalk, the Mexican Market and a warehouse fabric outlet Fabrictopia. Plus our hotel, Hotel Valencia Riverwalk, was just super, great room, great location and great breakfast bar.

The Mexican Market was so much fun, hours and hours of looking for just the right piece of pottery not to mention a few new rings. The Turquoise jewelry was more than reasonably priced and so hard not to buy.

This trip was so special and we have decided a mother/daughter trip should become an annual event. I was trying to decide what was the favorite part of the trip but it wasn't any place or thing we did; it was our time together!

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