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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trying Out Handlook Quilting Stitches on My Machine

So recently I had a friend get a Sashiko machine to get that handlook stitch to quilt her quilts.  By the way Babylock has a promotion on them right now if you are interested http://babylock.com/promotions/. What I don't need is another machine but I am intriqued by the idea of handlook stitches.  Well a few of my machines have catgories of handlook stitches so today I played around with the Pfaff stitches. What actually happens with these stitches is that you use invisible monofilament thread in the needle and colored cotton thread in the bobbin. You turn up the needle tension- I put mine up to 9- it pulls the bobbin thread up to the right side. Here is my sample of a straight stitch and one of the decorative ones.

I am not sure I would quilt a whole quilt this way but I really like the look of the straight stitch.  I am sure I will find projects to use it on.

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