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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Tumbler Runner for ME!

Well I have been taking down the Christmas decorations and my buffet looks empty without the holiday runner on it.  I have a quilted wall hanging beside the buffet and I have leftover fabric from it, so I decided to make a tumbler runner out of this fabric. So here is how the project went.  I made a tumbler runner for my daughter with the 5 inch tumbler ruler and it turned out great.  But at Missouri Quilt Company I watched a video Tumbler Tutorial on making a quilt with the 10 inch and 5 inch tumbler rulers. So I decided to make a runner using both sizes.  It sounded easier than it was; for some reason I just couldn't get it to line up correctly.  I tried to do 1 row of large and 1 row of small tumblers but I could not get it to line up.  So I ripped it all apart twice, really most of the pieces I ripped apart 3 times, and finally got it right.  I would have thrown it all in the trash but it was the only fabric I had to match the wall hanging shown below so I persevered.

When I got it sandwiched I wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it.  In the center larger 4 tumblers I just did free motion stippling which I am pretty happy with.  But between the smaller tumbler rows and on the long sides I decided to use a quilting stitch from the Pfaff QE4.  Now here is the funny story about this decorative stitch.  I rarely read the sewing machine manuals but half way through doing the quilting stitch I see that you are supposed to use transparent thread in the top so that it looks like hand quilting.  Too late but I actually like how it looks; next time I will try some samples of those quilting stitches with invisible thread.

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