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Sewing and cooking are two of my favorite things. In the past, I often found myself searching for pictures and details of projects I have done, without success. So I decided to start documenting my creations. Then my son suggested I add my recipes to the blog so that they are documented also.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Personalized Badge Holders

My daughter needed a few personalized gifts for her nurse co-workers so I ordered a few blank badge holders and embarked on my first badge holders.  I chose a Curly font for the initial and then used small squares of fabric. I chose thread that would contrast with the fabric and set to work.

First of all I embroidered an initial on the fabric using the 4x4 hoop; initial is .76 x .78 inches.  As you can see below I was able to do several in one hooping.

I then removed the hoop and proceed to cut out the initial by placing the clear plastic circle on the fabric and just cutting around it. I took the cutout initial and trimmed it to fit perfectly inside the indentation of the badge holder.


Next I popped on the clear cover and the badge holder was done.  Because I am never certain that the cover will stay on indefinitely, I put a few dabs of super glue around the edge before putting the cover on.


  1. Where did you get the great badge reel with plastic cover?

    1. I ordered the blank badge holder online from sewforless.com

      They were $2.50 each.

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