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Monday, February 3, 2014

More Doll Clothes

So I have made a few more items for my doll.  I had a piece of white flannel and figured it would make a cute nightgown.  I used some of the decorative stitches from my Pfaff to make rows of stitching to adorn the sleeves and bottom of the gown.  I also attached wide lace to the sleeves, hem and neckline.  I did not have any beading lace to put at the neck so that I could put in ribbon to gather it, so I ran a zigzag stitch over the ribbon to make a casing; this worked pretty well.

Notice my logo on the bottom left above the stitching.  I am adding this logo to each article of clothing.
I also made a shirred bodice dress. Back when I was about 19 I remember a dress pattern that I made for myself in which the bodice was shirred using elastic thread. Now that was over 40 years ago but I kinda remembered how to do it.  I cut the body of the dress about 2 inches wider than I would need to allow for the gathers. I hand wound the elastic thread onto my bobbin and put in the bobbin case as I normally would. I used regular thread for the needle thread. It sewed beautifully. After I put 6 rows on front and back, held the steam iron over the stitching and it shriveled right up to form the gathers.  I also made a little over the shoulder purse for her. Each item has taken around 1/2 yard of fabric plus various lace and ribbons, all of which I found in my stash from other projects.  One can make a whole wardrobe for an 18 inch doll just from leftovers!

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  1. Well Julie it looks like your starting a collection for that new grand daughter. Keep up the good work. You will be teaching her to sew before you know it